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Soup and Salads

Soup and salads

Picadillo Llanero Soup

Dry beef and brisket Full 32 OZ
white rice and fried platain

Price $12.50

1/2 picadillo (Only Soup)

Price $7.50

Cruzado Soup, Mix short ribs and hen full 32 OZ

With rice and fried platain

Price $12.50

1/2 Cruzado (Only Soup)

Price $7.50


Grilled chicken   $3.5
Chicken  Tender   $3.5

Cole Slaw

Price $5.50

Watercress caesar salad

Price $12.50

1/2 Watercress caesar salad

Price $7.50

Caesar salad

Price $11.50

Avocado heart of palm mix salad

Price $11.50

Shop suey

Price $9.50

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